Hello! I am 28 years old designer and artist who creates something from nothing.

It is my life, my passion and my work, basically my dreams come true.

Are you seeking for designer/artist? look no more! you have found The One!

Why me you ask? Let me explain.

Most sites are made by programmers not by designers/artist, that's why they look so generic..

I do understand composition, color theory, designs and how to melt it together into something unique.

I do understand that customers are probably not sure what they want so I offer consultations too.

As perfectionist you can be sure you get best you can get and that there will be open line of communications.

I accept chocolate as a payment!..better be a good one.

Web Deployment
I have been working on multiple projects of clients as my services are wide. From designing a simple logo or piece of web art to designing a whole website, building, creating and instalation of it on servers of clients. I have been also doing custom portraits from photography, tattoo designs, HD backgrounds, graphics for professional youtubers, streamers and shoutcasters. Also a work for various communities ranging from few people to 25000 people community.


In my professional career I rarely come across someone as exceptional at their craft as Bamboo from Black Cat Artworks. I operate a large-scale entertainment broadcast that has an audience of 25,000 and an extended network of over 26,000,000 individuals. Bamboo covers just about 100% of all graphics for the live channel and show including all social media and on-screen graphics themselves. I have had numerous offers to do graphics design from many skilled individuals for my channel. This list is broad, and includes studio-level designers, masters graduates, and people in the industry for twenty to thirty years. Absolutely none of them have Bamboo's sense of artistry and commitment to understanding the client. The difference in Bamboo is that he truly understands the clients needs and will frequently listen to what someone "really" wants even if they are telling him different. On numerous occasions I have thought a color scheme was proper for my channel but his superior design knowledge regarding synergy in color and graphics demonstrated a much better direction overall. Beyond incredibly high quality work, he also conforms to meet sudden deadlines and extreme circumstances very well. His knowledge is very diverse, encapsulating everything from live graphics to dynamic static images. On my channel page you will find a special mention for him here: • Bambo0 has designed our offline image, stream info titles, and is a daily contributor and frequent viewer. He has spent hours doing professional, studio-quality work for the broadcast while asking nothing in return. You can check out his amazing artwork or hire him here: This is a rare honor for people who participate in my live broadcast, I have thousands of viewers, many who come daily. Bamboo has earned this through hard work and dedication and a commitment to skill rarely seen in these times.



Owner and Operator of www.twitch.tv/mylixia

(Full name is hidden due privacy and security issues we had from his fans; for more informations please contact me directly via mail).